March 2012

Trying New Things

This week, I’m in Daytona Florida for Bike Week. It’s basically a week-long meet up for bikers to be bikers, and spring breakers to be… spring breakers.

Essentially, a giant, week long party.

I’m not a big party guy (and don’t have a motorcycle), so I found myself asking “why am I here?” Especially when a lot of my buddies are at SxSW in Austin, and how much I’d love to be there.

But I came to the realization that this is something new. It’s different and a little out of my comfort zone even. How does a web (and my friend, a graphics designer) geek from New Jersey fit into something like this?

The truth is, you don’t have to fit in. You just have to have a good time, and realize that getting out of that comfort zone and doing things you don’t normally do is life at its finest.

Whether it’s surrounding yourself with bikers, or doing something that is even a little out of the ordinary— it doesn’t hurt to try new things.

What You Deserve

Everybody wants.

They want to succeed, they want a lot of money, and they want to be their own bosses.

Some people want, just because others want.

But what is it you really want? Success? Girls? Nice cars? To be happy?

More often than not, we are stuck in this “I want” mindset. It usually overshadows what we already have, or have done. And guess what they key to getting what you want is?

Using what you have.

Your connections, your belongings, your talents, your skills, your determination. All that stuff amounts to what you will have at some point in your life.

You will only get as far as you are willing to take yourself by using these things. That’s why you have them, and you earned everything you have today in one way or another.

These things are not here to be overshadowed by want, or even for bragging rights. It’s all there for you to take, build on and ultimately succeed with.

You only get what you deserve.