About Alex

Welcome to Marketers Delight 5.0

Hey, Alex here and with great news: Marketers Delight 5.0 is finally available for Beta testing! It has been months in the making and today you will see firsthand the power of MD5.0.

See What’s New in MD5.0

The next generation of Marketers Delight is here, and your site is now equipped with the most integrated and powerful Optin Forms and Site Design tools built right into the MD Dashboard.

  • NEW: Deploy Floating Bars, Popups, and Email Forms with the brand new MD Optins
  • NEW: Simple and more robust design + typography controls
  • Better font scaling, brand coloring, and improved layout design
  • Redesigned Author Box and Featured Image cover enhancements
  • Revamped file system with child theme CSS and HTML templates, introducing the newly refined MDAPI
  • Tons of admin interface improvements, simplified data structures
  • …and so much more!

I wanted to personally thank you for offering your time to test drive the new features of MD5.0 before the full release is available. You were one out of five people chosen for this testing period and I chose you because you have shown a track record of creating great sites with MD and have had some level of involvement around the community over the years.

There’s one thing I want to make clear about this demo website: it is completely yours to do with as you please! Configure as many options as you want, write whatever you want, and take it all as far as you can.

You are certainly welcome to install Plugins and see what compatibility is like with MD5.0, but I encourage you to first explore this post editor and the rest of the Marketers Delight settings first before you focus on anything else.

What’s New in Marketers Delight 5.0

Marketers Delight 5.0 is a nearly complete rewrite of the software, bringing powerful new features and blazing fast website optimizations like never seen before.

MD Optins is the main new feature, offering incredibly flexible new kinds of email forms, popups, and the new floating bars optins to your site. Thanks to the brand new MD API in version 5.0, the controls you have allow you to customize these optins beautifully while also deploying them around your site with true precision.

In addition to MD Optins, the Site Designer has been totally re-imagined into a simpler settings panel with more powerful implications. By moving your design controls out of the slow WordPress Customizer and into the fast-loading MD settings screen you can now make design changes across your site without distractions and get to know your site a whole lot more.

Finally, MD5.0 brings a variety of interface enhancements, easier to use options, and a rich new world of development tools (which are already starting to be documented).

What Happened to Page Leads?

An important thing to know that MD5.0 does not have any longer is the Page Leads system. Page Leads were introduced back in MD4.1 and have served a long life but will no longer be under development.

Instead, the MD5.0 line will focus on more visual content building tools with the upcoming MD Builder. Don’t worry if you use Page Leads and are not ready to part ways with them: backwards compatibility has been preserved and you can keep them by installing the new Page Leads Dropin.

It is certainly encouraged for you to ease your site away from them by using MD’s other features or other Plugins (if you really have to) in their place until the full content builder is in place.

Page Leads are not a part of this demo but I will be fully available to help you install them to your site after you are upgraded to Marketers Delight 5.0.

What to Do Next

From here you can get started using the MD5.0 demo by going to the Marketers Delight tab in the admin menu. From there make yourself at home and browse across the different menu links to tour MD Optins, the new Site Designer, share buttons, performance settings, and more.

You can ignore the license key part for the demo testing, but always make sure it is enabled on your own sites so you can get new MD releases.

From here check out the Features Manager and enable any of the built-in MD Dropins, or jump ahead to the MD Site Design tab. You will be greeted with the Site Colors panel, and from there can jump to other design settings.

The Site Colors panel sets the tone for your website where it holds color settings to help match your brand. Adjust the Primary and Secondary Colors with your main site brand colors and an Accent for other elements.

Here the global text, links, buttons, and other site elements colors can be adjusted. Anytime you need to change the main colors of your site, come to this panel to make fast and sweeping changes across your website.

Next in the Site Designer, the entire MD typography system has been fine-tuned to offer better outcomes for your various font adjustments. With quick Google Fonts and Typekit integrations you can quickly turn your website into a beautifully formatted piece of art.

To get the best results with the Fonts and Typography system approach it with the mindset of “less is more.” Allow MD to do the hard work for you and also know you can change the font sizes, line heights, weights, and family of the most crucial typographical elements around your site.

The Body font size of your document is the most important part of the MD typography system. From the font size value you set, ALL spacing and font sizes will adjust themselves (unless you set your own values).

MD takes the initiative to solve the classic design problem of keeping the rest of your design in sync with your new font sizes and line heights.

No more will you change your posts font size and have to worry about making the content box wider… MD does all of that for you!

As MD is primarily writing focused, it also helps you design your post titles and headings more accurately. Truth be told, you most likely want to make your paragraph text and larger headlines vastly different from each other so all h2-h5 tags will inherit its most important properties from the main h1 tag on your site.

In other words, if you make your post title a Google Font called “Merriweather” and make it bold, all other headings will inherit the same properties without further adjustments needed.

Pay attention to the value you are editing as it will tell you its current measurement or if it inherits its value from another element.

With Marketers Delight 5.0, your website will read better than ever with a more intuition-driven typography engine.

Turn More Readers into Subscribers With MD Optins

By the time you’ve reached this point you have inevitably been met with a new MD Optins feature. Marketers Delight 5.0 takes the potential of the previous optin forms system you’ve come to know and took it to a monstrous new level of performance, flexibility, and getting results.

Armed with three new kinds of optin form systems you can turn your site into a smooth and highly conversion-optimized place. MD Optins adds new Email Forms, Floating Bars, and Popups features to its new Optins suite.

Here’s an example from the new Popups Designer:

Popups Designer in Marketers Delight.

The Popups Designer has been completely rebuilt and made into one of the smoothest popups builders available for WordPress!

Marketers Delight 5.0 comes with FIVE custom popup templates you can morph your offers into.

The screenshot above is an example of the “Holy Grail” template that comes with full text, image, and design controls. Remember, there are five templates to choose from with the ability to create a custom HTML popups with MD helper classes.